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What do they mean by watch out for Georgia

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6 years 4 weeks ago #534 by Alex
I found out three weeks ago, I was on I 75 and was going down hill passing some one and, well I was speeding. For about ten seconds on the whole trip I was doing 20 miles an hour over the speed limit. So, guess what it cost ,,,, times up. It cost me $422.00. I have been thinking about going into the government business, but then I would not be able to sleep at night and I rather keep my soul. It must have been one of those deals where all the planets were in just the right spot. The local drivers were also a slice, I was driving a long side some one going one mile an hour faster, it took me 4-5 miles to get to pass them and when they saw I was going to pass them they sped up and bottled me in. The whole trip through Georgia was like that. They like parades and get bent out of shape if you pass them. So, they get clumped up, in my book it is hazardous driving on their part and sure enough an hour after I got the ticket they had a pile up. A pick up truck was like an accordion, I am sure they blame anyone who speeds and not their terrible driving habits. I used to think highly of that state, but now I will go around it and treat it like the plague.,,, get this I was driving a rental car and if I was driving my own they were going to confiscate it. So, I have done my civic duty and now you know.

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