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Monastic Motorcycle Ride ...invite

3 months 1 week ago #1145 by Patrick King
Replied by Patrick King on topic Monastic Motorcycle Ride ...invite
Interesting idea Fran. I am 100% in agreement that riding my bike has a meditative and calming effect. I don't think that I'd be good at eating in silence,-except for politely speaking in order to order food and other necessities. I'm too much into the camaraderie of spending time with my fellow enthusiasts. I would, however, be interested to observe such a ride (and I'd do my best to comply).

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3 months 1 week ago #1141 by Michael Williamson
Replied by Michael Williamson on topic Monastic Motorcycle Ride ...invite
I’m all in on giving it a try. It would be interesting, certainly different, probably funny, maybe more relaxing, and might lead to more riding time since BS-ing at the breakfast or lunch table would be eliminated, even though that’s one of my favorite parts of any ride.

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3 months 1 week ago #1140 by fran kokes
Monastic Motorcycle Ride ...invite was created by fran kokes
Ok. Lots of us ride bikes for the meditative and calming effect it has. Sure, we may go to the track to improve our skills and push the envelope a little and get our ya-ya's out. And as nice as the daily commute can be, it doesn't have the larger calming effect of a nice day-long Sunday tour or breakfast ride. Unless a rider has had a lot of practice, a rider takes time to get into the meditative aspects. Its not like a rider can throw an internal switch and achieve riding Satori at a moments' need. (Ok, some of us can but the switch is a tough throw on some days.)

Some groups will meditate as a group, monks for instance. Bikers will ride as a group and enjoy the calming effect as a group. What would a group ride look like and feel like if all participants actively re-enforced the meditative aspects?

I envision riders meeting at a time and place for a ride and doing their best to be quiet. Maybe a few shared light fist-bumps of greeting? Maybe MSF range signals used to get going? Upon reaching the diner/cafe, eating in silence except for politely speaking in order to order food and other necessities for interacting with the waitstaff and public? Heck, I would like to try it just to see how it would freak out a diner having 6 bikers eat w/o conversation? Sans cell phones and other distractions of course.

Figure that such a ride would need to be tried at least 3 times to get a feel for finding and assessing any benefits. Wouldn't it be nice to arrive home even more happy than one might expect or believe possible?

Anyhow, its something that I would be willing to try during the 2020 riding season. Anybody wanting to give this a shot should let me know by posting interest and/or suggestions right here.

ps; Sure, the idea will initially wig-out some riders. Think about it for a while and get back to me. Polite pooh-poohing of the idea is expected too and could be informative and helpful to those of us who might give it a chance.
pps: Yep, it takes a lot of bravery to be this crazy. And it wouldn't surprise me to see thousands of views and zero posts here. Catch me off-forum if you like.
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