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These well-known technical/repair manuals were created by CHITECH, which is the technical committee of the Chicago Region BMW Owners Association. The manuals primarily concentrate on the maintenance of vintage BMW airhead motorcycles ranging from 1955 to 1990. We will also be offering the sidecar manual published by the Sidecar Safety Program.

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Electric Manual: R-Models, 1955 — 1990

Electric Manual: R-Models, 1955 — 1990 $30.00

The Electric Manual is actually a textbook-style educational manual rather than a service/repair manual. CHITECH believes the main reason so many riders have a hard time solving electrical problems is that they don't understand how the circuits work. This manual attempts to solve that problem by providing simple explanations in layman's terms.

Fourteen chapters, each covering the operations of a different BMW circuit, are understandable with only a basic knowledge of electricity. Contains 21 fold-out wiring diagrams covering BMW models from 1955 to 1990, from the R26 to the R100. The main chapters concentrate on the theory of operation and the appendices contain information more specific to servicing. Three of these appendices are devoted to troubleshooting procedures for what most owners find to be the most difficult circuit of all, the charging system.

  • 70 pages
  • 14 chapters
  • 21 fold-out wiring diagrams

Tune-Up Manual: R-Models, 1955 — 1988

Tune-Up Manual:  R-Models, 1955 — 1988 $10.00

This manual is not a "stand-alone" since it does not contain figures or pictures to show where things are located. It must be used in conjunction with the Owners Manual or one of the aftermarket service manuals. Its strong point is that it contains clear, more detailed step-by-step procedures than any other manual the CHITECH committee has seen, such as checking vertical rocker arm play and spark plug resistors.

Tune-Up Manual contains BMWNA-recommended adjustment specifications as of 1988 and provides more up-to-date information than the original Owners Manual for each model. The CHITECH Tune-Up Manual can be used with all air-cooled twins up to 1988. After 1988, the specifications in the Owners Manual take precedence.

  • 32 pages
  • 3-hole punched for binder storage
  • checklist for 1980 & earlier models
  • checklist for 1981 and later models

10K Maintenance Manual: R-Models, 1970 — 1983

10K Maintenance Manual: R-Models, 1970 — 1983 $10.00

The first thing to understand is that these procedures are to be done every 10,000 miles, not just after the initial 10,000 miles. This manual is an organized, step-by-step guide to all the maintenance procedures that should be done every 10K miles, in addition to the tune-up. The manual contains one illustration, so like the Tune-Up Manual, it must be used in conjunction with another service manual. This manual can also serve as a useful guide for R-Models built after 1983, but the Owners Manuals for the later models should be consulted for any differences.

  • 17 pages

On-Road Tire Service

On-Road Tire Service $10.00

CHITECH On-The-Road Emergency Tire Service Manual for Vintage Airheads

This is your best investment if your ever on the side of the road with a flat tire. This 29-page booklet has 37 illustrations to aid the explanations, and contains information such as how to remove the wheel without laying the bike on its side. The manual is most beneficial to owners of machines with cast wheels. Usually the bead cannot be broken or the tire reseated with the standard tools and hand pump. This manual tells what additional equipment should be carried, and provides a thorough explanation on how to service the wheel. This manual can also be helpful for owners of later R-Models or K-Models.

  • 29 pages
  • 37 illustrations

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