CRBMW Tag-O-Rama

CRBMW Tag-O-Rama

Welcome to CRBMW tag game. There are many tag games out there like this one and they are not new, but this one is ours. The idea is to take a motorcycle ride to the destination photographed in the final post of CRBMW Tag-O-Rama forum. Once there, take a photo of your bike and post it here along with another photo of your motorbike in a new place of your choice. The next player will grab the tag by taking a photo of their bike in the new tag location and post it in the Forum again. While there are no prizes to be awarded, this could turn into a fun way of visiting interesting destinations.

Here are some common ground rules:

1) Tag boundary is 200 mile radius from downtown Chicago (specifically intersection of State Street and Madison Street).

a. Any type of road surface as long as it can be ridden safely with street tires.

b. No fee areas or private property.

c. Must be legal for all motorcycles.

2) Tag placement: Anywhere & Anything

a. Provide reasonable clues, GPS coordinates, or other means for members to find it without searching for 2 days.

3) Tag photos.

a. Your motorcycle must be in the pictures for the grab/tag.

b. No file photos as that would be cheating.

4) Game Play.

a. If you are new, watch and learn before jumping in, it's not that complicated.

b. Give clues on the forum only to keep it fair.

c. Do what you can to avoid previous tags.

d. Move tag a reasonable distance, not just across the street.

e. First photos uploaded get credit for the tag.

f. Post your grab and tag photos together within a reasonable amount of time of each other. Don't post a grab and wait 2 weeks to post a tag, please.

If someone wishes to keep an up-to-date map for this that would be awesome, but I am not looking to manage one. The first tag is mine. Good luck!



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