Scenic Photography Ride, Seattle to LA, Aug. 25 – Sept. 12

From club member--and photographer extraordinaire--Kaz Zymantas:

I am planning a 2 week tour down Highway 1 from Seattle to LA, Approximately Aug 25- Sept 12. I am going to ship my bike because it will end up being cheaper. We are going to do it without any daily plans. Just drive to locations we like and then hang out for a bit and then ride again. If we like the town we are in then we stay another day.

I am open to having 2 other bikes with us if anyone wants to join my wife and me. One problem maybe for some is that I take a lot of photos and stop sometimes often to take shots! Shots of all sorts of stuff but also motorcycle shots.

For more information and/or to arrange to join the ride please contact Dr. Kaz Zymantas at

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