40th anniversary of the BMW GS in Wakefield Michigan

40th anniversary of the BMW GS in Wakefield Michigan

On Friday, September 11th, I met five other riders (Tom Liao, Patrick King, John Panek, Dipen Shah, and Ryan Manley) at the Full Moon Restaurant in Lake Bluff for a ride. Our destination? The fall celebration of the 40th anniversary of the BMW GS in Indianhead Mountain – Big Snow Resort in Wakefield Michigan.

We got off to a very wet start and it took us about 7.5 hours to get there, but it was worth the effort. The event has a great vibe, including delicious smores and Japanese scotch at my campsite. This was my third event at Big Snow. This year had the best attendance with close to 40 motorcycles and riders.

Saturday morning was a wet morning. I came to ride through the Upper Peninsula that weekend and there was no point in hanging about the resort. I led a ride with 14 fellow riders in tow through the rain up to Little Girl’s Point on the shores of Lake Superior. When we stopped for gas, half the group peeled off and headed back to Big Snow. The second half followed me to the mouth of the Black River. We stopped off in Wakefield at the Randall Bakery for Pasties and coffee. They were hot and delicious on a very wet and rainy day.

It was a great weekend. I rode just over 1,006 miles. I am thankful to Mike Williamson, Jack Branas, Johnny Scheff, and Steve Eliasen for making the event happen.

Saturday Ride Route in Upper Peninsula Michigan

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