Chicago Region BMW Owners Association

Meet the Chicago Region Club

CRBMW members are a diverse group of men and women who are individualists by nature. We come from all walks of life – tradesmen, professionals, business owners, housewives, retirees, students. Some of our members are in their early 20s and others in their late 70s. The one thing we all have in common is our interest in BMWs and our love of motorcycling.

CRBMWOA is a great organization for BMW motorcycle fellowship, group riding activities and technical information regarding both new and vintage BMW motorcycles. Whether you log thousands of miles on one trip or just putt around town, you’ll benefit greatly from the friendships, expertise and outlook of fellow Chicago Region BMW Owners Association members.

Meet Our Club Movers & Shakers

This is a list of the current CRBMW Directors, Officers & Staff. Please free to contact any of us with your questions or comments regarding club business. Click on the name to send an email.


Patrick King


Rich Fontagneres


Michael Williamson

Director through November 2023

Helen Tornquist

Director through November 2023

Chris Bennett

Director through November 2022

John Panek

Director through November 2022

John Walts

Activities Director

Jack Branas


John Zolot

Consumer Interest Officer

Mark Novack

Editor, Chicago Region News

Mike Bettenbender

Membership Director/Website Manager

Tim Colburn

Sidecar Tech Guru

Edward Dybala

Chicago Region Librarian

Dan Waterloo