Welcome to CRBMWOA!

Welcome to CRBMWOA!

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Ride to Work Day is the 2nd Tuesday in June each year.

Show the world that motorcycles and scooters are great for everyday transportation! On Ride to Work Day, ride your motorcycle or scooter to commute, shop/run errands, or simply to enjoy...
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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for 2024

It's that time of the year again! Lets ride side by side, worldwide in an effort to raise money for men's health. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage...
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Join us! We have been riding to La Crosse, Wisconsin on this weekend for almost 50 years! This is a group ride, although you can ride on your own if...


...is the destination for our May 20th Hot Dog Ride. This is the original Superdawg location, at 6363 North Milwaukee Avenue on the north side of Chicago. As usual, riders...
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2024 Moto Treasure Hunt

From Liz Jacobs--Hi All, the NIBMW Club is hosting its 2nd year of the Moto Treasure Hunt Ride Game that's all season long. We're extending this to the other BMW...
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The Ultimate Flat Fix!

Fran Kokes gave an amazing impromptu demonstration of flat tire repair techniques at the March '24 general meeting. He followed it up with a written overview of what a well-prepared rider...
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News and Announcements from BMW MOA

U.S. Rider Academy’s On-Road Alpine European Tour – September 2024!

Imagine an eight-day trip—with six riding days—through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy, all organized and led by the U.S. Rider Academy! The tour package includes a two-day Street Survival on-road...
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BMW brings push-button shifting to motorcycles

With the new Automated Shift Assistant (ASA), BMW Motorrad presents an innovative technical solution that makes riding simpler and more comfortable. True to the motto "Simplify your ride", the riding...
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Ridin’ to Redmond

  MOA's national rally is just around the corner! click image for rally website  
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